What is ASTV?

ASTV CORPORATION is a company based in New York which looks forward to providing the African Diaspora living in the United States, Canada, Europe, Central America and the Caribbean, a variety of television and radio Channels broadcasting from Africa.
ASTV corporation aims to put the African Diaspora back in their culture by striving, with dedication and know-how, to bring right into your houses and homes throughout the American Continent a large amount of Channels from the motherland-Africa.


What our clients say

  • "ASTV bought me a happiness that was missing, I'm finally back home!"
    Sofia Ndiaye
    (United Kingdom)
  • "I'm so happy with the ASTV service, I definitely recommend it to everyone."
    Ahmed Nasri
  • "ASTV is painting of what the African world should look like, hopefully this painting will come alive."
    Abdoulaye Keita
  • "This is simply extraordinaire. I feel more connected to my grandfather's country than ever."
    Mame Diarra Ueno